Introducing Symbiosis’s RegTech Accelerators -
Empowering financial institutions through
Regulatory Technology

Over the last decade, the financial services industry has seen a significant uptick in regulation with multijurisdictional and interlinked regulatory requirements impacting businesses globally. The key element of these regulations has been that financial institutions need to ensure that they are operating their businesses in a prudent and controlled manner. RegTech is a discipline which applies technological innovations to support compliance with regulatory requirements. It helps by allowing Financial Institutions to: Take Control, Be in Control, and Demonstrate Control of regulation through better defined, documented and auditable digital operations. This allows firms to break down regulatory silos and manage requirements holistically.

After the successful launch of innovation programs around Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and InsurTech, Symbiosis’s RegTech Accelerator program is the latest innovation from our Financial Innovation Labs (Digital Transformation). This program aims to bring increased control to financial organizations through technology. By addressing real regulatory business problems with a unique combination of business consulting, technology and digital experts, our Accelerators provide clients a foundation that can adapt to new and changing regulations, maximize efficiency, enhance data quality, and improve decision making.

Furthermore, Symbiosis’s RegTech Accelerator program brings together deep techno-functional expertise in both Risk and Regulation and uses industry-leading technology approaches to help solve problems across global regulations including Basel III, Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB), Books and Records requirements, and more. The objective of the RegTech Accelerator program is to empower global financial institutions not just to address compliance but to gain real business value and control while facing continued regulatory and cost pressures. In short – they can tackle challenges head-on.


RegTech is an increasingly popular area that financial institutions are embracing to increase efficiency and gain further control over their compliance and business initiatives. This starts with expert knowledge of the regulations themselves and how they apply to the business, but it does not stop there. The true value from RegTech comes from being able to understand how to apply innovative new technologies to drive not just compliance but business value, marrying regulatory depth with technology prowess for true digital innovation. Symbiosis continues to conduct Research and Development (R&D) to solve next-generation problems with next-generation technologies and help lead our clients in their Digital Transformation strategies and implementations. Bringing together the “Power of 3,” a unique combination of digital, consulting and technology expertise, Symbiosis is empowered to deliver and scale end-to-end, global projects that encompass:

The Symbiosis RegTech Accelerators can provide financial institutions with solutions that provide:

Project management





Operating model adjustment

Gap analysis & capability mapping

Translation to impacts across organization lines, functions, processes, technology and data

Change management

IT Architecture adjustment

Alignment with the organization’s existing IT Architecture Strategies to overcome Legacy Infrastructure (e.g. GUI, OpenAPI, and Micro-services)

Development and Integration




6 RegTech Techniques

Symbiosis applies its Digital, Business Consulting and Technology expertise to deliver RegTech solutions that solve real-world operational problems. Symbiosis’s RegTech Accelerators are based on the following cutting-edge techniques:

 KYC Remediation
/ KYC Remediation

Automating confirmations, validations, and cross-checks required for KYC Remediation

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Capital Walk Forward
/ Capital Walk Forward

Automated compilation, analysis and summary of EAD and RWA drivers using Machine Learning and NLG

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Intelligent Controls Testing
/ Intelligent Controls Testing

Leveraging Data Science and Predictive Analytics to automate laborious manual controls testing processes.

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Accounting Standard Normalizer
/ Accounting Standard Normalizer

Increased visibility and real-time profit and loss calculations for different accounting reporting standards and jurisdictions

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Fundamental Review of the Trading Book
/ Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB)

A data analytics platform with a reference implementation for the FRTB standardized approach

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Information Governance & Records Management
/ Information Governance & Records Management

Leveraging AI to validate and regulate the assigning of appropriate record retention policy

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